Go for It!!

Go for It!!

Alternative: Go for it!! [ゴーフォーイット!!]
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Author(s): Narazaki Souta
Artist(s): Narazaki Souta
Genre: Comedy , Sports , Yaoi,
Type: Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Release: 2010
Status: Ongoing

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From BL-League:

The “Prince of Professional Basketball” Amarume Taito is super busy appearing on magazines and TV with his splendid business smile.
However, having met the young and talented No.1 boxer, Iseya, all of his effort was rejected! Iseya is the “Practicing for Life!!” type. He provoked Taito by saying “You look stupid.” Then, it suddenly turns into chaos with endless quarrelling...?! Going full speed at both game and love!! This is story of a crash love game.

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