Kedamono Kareshi (AOMOTO Sari)

Kedamono Kareshi (AOMOTO Sari)

Alternative: ケダモノ彼氏! ; 野兽般的男友 ; Kedamono Kareshi! ; Beast boyfriend!
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Author(s): Aomoto Sari
Artist(s): Aomoto Sari
Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance , School life , Slice of life , Yaoi,
Type: Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Release: 2011
Status: Completed

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Tada’s friend Enami is a very popular, perfect, good-looking guy among guys and girls regardless. Tada, who admired him, found out that Enami’s actually a very selfish, pushy person who calls himself “Ore-sama…!!!” What is Enami’s real intention, who only shows his beastly side to Tada and expresses his lust without any concern for the place they’re at?!

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